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Inês Delicioso wears Rachel Antonoff Collar and Sweatshirt and Marques'Almeida Dress

Inês Delicioso wears Rachel Antonoff Collar and Sweatshirt and Marques'Almeida DressInês Delicioso wears Rachel Antonoff Collar and Sweatshirt and Marques'Almeida Dress

Inês Delicioso is a London based graphic designer. She is also the author of the Les Filles logo and brand identity. We catched up in Lisbon about her new life as an animation student, food and sartorial choices of bike riders.

LF - What can you tell us about our logo?

ID - The project is really great, it is one of those things I believe in. It was one of the few things inside graphic design lately that I really enjoyed doing. You gave me this briefing but also total creative freedom.

 LF - It ended up being a bit of a group work. Though we didn't have any work, we just gave you input!

 ID - Yes, you did your thing. And it worked, I was happy, the logo looks really cute and the identity is awesome.

Inês Delicioso wears Rachel Antonoff Collar and Sweatshirt and Marques'Almeida Dress

 LF - You recently went from working as a graphic designer to an animation student. Where do you find inspiration for your animation work?

ID - There are several things that I end up exploring. As a student I have more freedom to chose the themes that I use. For instance, feminism, as I usually only draw girls when I am animating... veganism, global warming, there are a lot of these themes. Sometimes it isn't overtly feminism or whatever, but I end up exploring my concerns on my work. This is terms of inspiration, of theme, because aesthetically speaking I am still searching for "THE" thing, but I keep seeing other authors, which helps.

 LF - Living in London as a Portuguese, do you think that changes somehow your perception? Do you notice that you have a different sensibility?

 ID - I think so, each person brings different things depending of the culture where they belong. On my class you are able to see that. In Europe, or at least Southern Europe, we are more or less alike, but each individual has it's own life experience, and that shows, so you always end up having a unique point of view, I suppose.

Inês Delicioso wears Marques'Almeida Jumper and ANDRESGALLARDO Hand PinInês Delicioso wears Marques'Almeida Jumper and ANDRESGALLARDO Hand Pin

LF - You have already talked about veganism, do you have any concerns regarding what you wear?

ID - I have some. I think there has been a moment when I didn't care and I could go to work on my pajamas. but ever since I switched jobs, and got back into studying and whatnot... it's functional. My way of dressing is super functional. I ride a bike, but sometimes I don't care if I'm flashing someone, so I wear a skirt anyway and don't care. I have no issues with that, specially since it's London and you are never going to see those people again, so it's not a big deal. But I have some functionality concerns. And then, because of the cold.

LF - Changing your diet and lifestyle to become a vegan, maybe being in London helped...

ID - It's easier there, yes.

LF - Did that made you think more about your fashion choices?

ID - Yes, it did. For instance, buying leather sneakers...

LF - Is that a hard thing still?

ID - Yes, it is. I don't get it, there are so many synthetic alternatives... but if you want some basic "leather" sneakers... everything is made of real leather. But my philosophy is that I can improve myself and change, but I don't want to drag myself to a cavern. Of course there are alternatives, and they are good and all that, but sometimes it is hard to find good, classic vegan sneakers. And warm coats, for Winter. It's hard to find alternatives that are warm enough. It's hard to find those kind of alternatives, so it makes me think more about what I am buying.

LF - Do you have any staple piece on your wardrobe?

ID - Black trousers, or jeans. You can do anything with them, dress up, dress down. Of course, there are other pieces, and there and pieces which are more pretty, but if I had to chose, yes, my black trousers, they're the piece I wear all the time.

Inês Delicioso wears Marques'Almeida Jumper and Rachel Antonoff TrousersInês Delicioso wears Marques'Almeida Jumper and Rachel Antonoff Trousers

LF - Do you care about trends? Are you influenced by them?

ID - I think so, but it's because I live in this world. You open a website and you see a bunch of stuff, you want to buy some clothes and go to a shop and see what's on and what's not, and you end up being influenced in some way. Now, I think I have been more of a slave of that in the past, now I care mostly about what works on me or not, what is comfortable.

LF - How would you describe your style?

ID - (Laughs). But do I have a style? I think it depends on the way I wake up. I can dress either super conservatory one day as the dumbest colors in the world on the other, but thinking about it... it's maybe a little bit androgenous, I dress a lot of men's clothing as I am big and it feels nice, I like bigger and comfortable shapes. But the next day I also capable of dressing a really tight skirt and a fancy top and I see no contradiction whatsoever about it.

Regarding dressing, London helps. You see so many people dressing so differently that you end up just wanting to be normal. And sometimes in the group you are in everybody is so different that being normal ends up being different. Maybe I pay more attention to standard stuff which are well fitted... I bought voluntarily for the first time a "normal" white shirt, normal black trousers, classic sneakers... I end up owning these pieces. But yes, London calmed me a bit in the sense of not needing to make a statement on being different, because there are so many different people there.

LF - What you dress ends up reflecting a bit your mood, what you want to be that day?

ID - Yes, I think it is a bit like that. Style-wise I don't think I am like "oh, I am very classy" or "I am very sporty", it depends on how I wake up.

LF - Is there any dream object you would like to have?

ID - A Leica camera. There were so many things that I wanted to have in the past, but right now... I need a scanner. But there aren't many things... the masters ended up taking most of my time so I don't even have time to think about things I want to have. I dunno, I started paying more attention to, for instance, my room. I bought some investment pieces, started to think more about quality and less about quantity and now I prefer to spend a bit more on some things which I know are going to last longer.

LF - What's your favourite colour?

ID - To wear, black.

LF - And besides to wear?

ID - It's like, rainbow. I think I am more discrete dressing than what's going on inside my head. And I like dressing sober, I have been through so many phases, we have all been through them, and I have more and more neutral colors on my wardrobe. Of course I keep having colorful pieces, but to wear, I prefer black. But for work... go wild. Rainbow. I can't pick a favourite. I really like yellow. But to wear yellow, I am not sure it matches my skin tone.

LF - Do you have any pleasure that makes you feel a little bit guilty?

ID - It's not guilty, but my musical taste sometimes isn't very impressive, and I am very proud of it.

LF - Like what?

ID - I think there was a time when I was embarrassed of saying that I liked Taylor Swift, or Beyoncé or, whatever, Justin Bieber. But now I don't care. I still like other music genres and this is still wonderful to me all the same.

LF - What are your hobbies?

ID - When I have the time... yoga, running, cooking, photographing. Something like that. If I had time nowadays that's what I would chose to do (laughs). I am still able to see exhibitions as I justify them as research for my master, so... And crafts, like cross stitch, and reading, watching tv like a couch potato.

LF - Is there a movie, or a book, that has lately, or always, influenced you?

ID - I have recently dyed my hair green and that comes straight from these comics books I love, called Saga, which I am totally crazy about, I love the story, the illustrator is a woman... But yes, aesthetically I would probably never do something like that, even though I like it I don't think it has anything to do with what I would like to do, but it influences me on other ways. Regarding movies, I see too many, i don't know... I just finished watching Parks and Recreation, which I loved. And I love Broad City. Regarding movies, I don't know, Tarantino and Miyazaki are some of my references.

LF - And influences on your work as an animation student?

ID - I have been seeing a lot of animation, a lot of animators, a bit of everything. I am still experimenting. I decided to take this master because I had some knowledge on animation, I already knew some things about it, but I wanted to develop my own language, so now I am experimenting and seeing as much as I can, trying different styles and things while I am still studying. So in terms of references I don't know if there is one I could give... I have an amazing mentor, Margot, which helps a lot. That might influence me, because I say "oh I want to do more hand-drawn stuff" and she gives me a bunch of suggestions.

Inês Delicioso wears Rachel Antonoff Trousers

Inês Delicioso wears Marques'Almeida Jumper and Rachel Antonoff TrousersInês Delicioso wears Marques'Almeida Jumper and Rachel Antonoff Trousers

LF - What is your favourite animal?

ID - I don't have one, Now for the master we have to make this animation of a 4 -legged animal, and the teacher said "oh, just draw your favorite animal" and I have a list of 40 thousand animals! It is desperate, I can't pick one, I think there are super amazing animals and stuff in Nature.

LF - What about your spirit animal?

ID - Probably something around a house cat. A vegan one. Something between a cat and a panda. Probably a house cat so I could be really lazy.

LF - Where is the place you feel best?

ID - On my parents' house in Ilha de Faro. In London's gardens. And traveling... I would like to go to Melbourne, there are tons of vegan food there!

LF - Gastro tourism! Love it. What is your favorite food?

ID - Pasta and truffles. Preferably together.


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