Maison Hanae candle
Maison Hanae Candle
Maison Hanae candle
Maison Hanae Candle
Maison Hanae

Maison Hanae Candle

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The first home fragrance brand to join our selection, Maison Hanae creates high quality candles from premium materials, with sustainability in mind.

Made with inner balance as a goal, their blend of essential oils gently makes you present of your surroundings, creating the right atmosphere for each moment. 

Each candle is hand-poured in Lisbon in a locally sourced glass container. Weight: 300g. Burn time: 60 hours.

BUREAU - brings a delicate sense of calmness and balance to every space, purifying and uplifting the intimacy of your spirit. Olfactory Notes: Top - orange; Heart - cinnamon; Base - patchouli, vanilla

FOCO - balances your emotions, while bringing energy and focus to your day, and allowing you to be the best version of yourself. Olfactory Notes:  Top - lemon, peppermint; Heart - rosemary, ginger; Base - sandalwood

CALMA - the best-seller Calma is as relaxing and uplifting as the soft breeze of a beautiful summer morning. Olfactory Notes:  Top - orange; Heart - neroli, lavander; Base - ylang ylang, frankincense

L'AMOUR FOU - brings a delicate mixture of beautiful and uplifting feelings, like that very unique and special moment in which you know you are falling in love. Olfactory Notes:  Top - bergamot; Heart - ylang ylang, neroli; Base- patchouli

LA NOTTE - a delightful fresh combination to relieve tensions and create a comforting and warm environment. Olfactory Notes:  Top - lemongrass, basil; Heart - black pepper; Base - vanilla, ylang ylang

PUUR - delicately crafted with restoring properties to enhance your positive mood and ease your stress. Olfactory Notes:  Top - bergamot, eucalyptus; Heart - ylang ylang; Base - rosemary, cedarwood

Maison Hanae believes in the harmony between your surroundings and yourself, creating home fragrances based on aromatherapy experiences to bring you the harmony you need.