Les Filles X Mint Cuts Studio | Christmas with Anita

Anita wears Ambali shirt, Pedro Neto skirt, Karen Mabon scarf and Benedicte ring

Anita wears Ambali Shirt, Pedro Neto Skirt, Marques'Almeida Chunky Scarf, Karen Mabon Cat Scarf and Benedicte Cat Rings


Anita wears Marques'Almeida coat, Rachel Antonoff dress, Andresgallardo necklace and Benedicte rings | Anita wears Alexandra Moura dress, Andresgallardo bracelet and Bendicte rings

Left - Anita wears Rachel Antonoff Dress, Marques'Almeida Denim Jacket, Andresgallardo Necklace and Benedicte Cat Rings

Right - Anita wears Alexandra Moura Dress, Andresgallardo Panther Bracelet, Andresgallardo Moon Heart Bracelet and Benedicte Cat Rings


Anita wears Marques'Almeida dress, Ambali jacket, Andresgallardo necklace and pin, Marques'Almeida bag and Karen Mabon scarfAnita wears Marques'Almeida Dress, Ambali Bomber JacketAndresgallardo Heart Necklace, Andresgallardo Hand Pin, Marques'Almeida Bag and Karen Mabon Scarf


Left - Anita wears Marques'Almeida dress and Williams Handmade bag  | Anita Wears Alexandra Moura dress and Andresgallardo necklaceLeft - Anita wears Marques'Almeida Dress and Williams Handmade Bag                     

Right - Anita Wears Alexandra Moura Dress and Andresgallardo Chocker Necklace

Photography: Chiko Laev
Model: Anita Teófilo
Paper Props: Mint Cuts Studio


We would like to thank Anita for being an incredible model and Óptica do Sacramento for all the help.

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