Summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to slow down and take the time to get your reading up-to-date. Either if you are at the country side or at the sea shore, here are our Summer reading suggestions:



. I'LL HAVE WHAT SHE'S HAVING - Rebecca Harrington

If you have a mild to heavy fixation on the life of rich and famous, this book is for you! Harrington tries a number of famous diets - from Greta Garbo's to Elisabeth Taylor's - and you'll find yourself laughing alone with her hilarious description of it all. And you definitely won't feel the need to try any of the diets featured!



Inferior by Angela Saini

. INFERIOR - Angela Saini

"Women are the weaker sex". This is one of the "truths" that Angela Saini, backed by science and research, tries to de-construct in her book. It reminds you to not take "scientifically proven" for granted in what comes to gender differences and limitations.



Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

. FURIOUSLY HAPPY - Jenny Lawson

Jenny Lawson is brilliant in leading with her mental issues on an honest, often hilarious way. I do recommend judging this book by its cover - come on, it's the most amazing looking taxidermy raccoon having a blast!



Bust Magazine


A favourite around the Les Filles office - you know, when we are able to take a break from shooting/editing/packing/trying to make enough Instagram stories - that has been keeping me company during my Summer holidays for the past 10 years. A lightweight female-gaze magazine that connects you to great stories from the globe.

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